Here are some fun ideas for how to CELEBRATE your birthday, alone.

For many reasons, sometimes we have to celebrate our birthday alone, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing, as a matter of fact, you can make it epic! 
Here are some ideas for how to celebrate your birthday alone:

Get out of town — If you have a passport or can get one, this is a great way to spend your birthday. Head off somewhere adventurous like The Caribbean, Europe or Asia and let go of inhibition and try new foods, shop at local markets, dance, explore new landscapes and cultures. You'll feel like you're on vacation and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Buy yourself something nice — Whether it's a special piece of jewelry, an art piece that speaks to you, or something luxurious you've been eyeing for a while, treating yourself on your birthday is always fun. Visit our confetti bar, it's your birthday, you deserve it! Just make sure it's an experience that you'll actually love for years to come.  
Go all out and pamper yourself. Book a spa day! It's a personal experience best enjoyed alone. Take the time to nurture and celebrate yourself. If the spa isn't for you, create an at home spa, take self-care to the next level. Shower steamers, a floral arrangement, a botanical milk bath, essential oils, candles, body butters, play your favorite music,  grab a book and embrace the moment, with gratitude
Set up a photo shoot, get really into it.  This is a great way to celebrate in a hotel room or at home. Set up a tripod, fill the tub with balloons (confetti balloons), make a streamer backdrop against the shower wall, grab some fun sunglasses and a glass of champagne, who am I kidding, it's your birthday, celebrate with the whole bottle and snap away!  

Travel somewhere new — If you don't want to leave the country but would like to see more of the world, take a trip within your own country instead. Maybe even just a day trip to try a new restaurant. There are tons of beautiful places and local gems that most people haven't even seen yet! Try visiting somewhere new in your state or province Or even visit one of your favorite places again. Maybe you've been at night and would like to experience it in the day, or you've been in summer and would like to experience it in the spring. — there are hidden gems everywhere if you look hard enough!
I hope this is both a helpful and inspirational guide on how to celebrate YOU, on your personal holiday. 
Wishing you a Happy Birthday! 

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