How to celebrate Valentines Day with friends.

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and romance. It's the perfect time to give your significant other a special gift, have a romantic dinner and make plans for an amazing weekend together. But Valentines is about love and quality time together, it can absolutely include your friends. If you are looking to create an unforgettable experience that includes all of your friends here are some memorable ideas to make it extra special:


Start by picking a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. It can be a great time to get creative and make the day special. You could go bowling, play laser tag or hit the arcade. If you want to stay home, consider renting a board game like Monopoly or Scrabble or playing charades or Jenga at home with friends.


1. Get creative with your gift.


2. Plan something fun for the evening.


3. Set the mood with music, lighting and make a TikTok.


4. Cook together, we love heart shaped pizza for everyone to select their own toppings or order take-out from your favorite restaurant and try decorating some cookies.


5. Get cozy in bed — add rose petals or candles if you want to get really romantic, for a fun slumber party themed photo shoot! 


Once you've decided what you're going to do for Valentine's Day, it's time to get dressed up! You'll want everyone in attendance to look their best for this special occasion so pick out some stylish outfits for everyone involved. It can be matching PJ's or something fancy, just make it festive! 


If you're heading out for dinner or a show on Valentine's night, take extra care with your hair and makeup so that you look fabulous when you arrive at the restaurant or theater. Make sure everyone has matching accessories like jewelry, belts and hats so they can really show off their outfits while they are having fun together!

Need help choosing the perfect accessory? Let us know, where happy to help!  

Sending lots of love, Happy Valentines! 

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