About Us:

Pop of Confetti is a vibrant collection of one of a kind artfully crafted gifts that radiate positivity.  Rooted in kindness through the act of giving. Inspired by the desire to dig deep and find joy during a pandemic, Pop of Confetti, is all about being a rainbow in someone's cloud. Pop of Confetti featuring The Confetti Market Collective gives Richmond Virginia Residents and visitors an opportunity to support 15+ woman owned artisan businesses in one amazing location in Carytown. Pop of Confetti is an interactive retail experience highlighting whimsical and colorful designs by the most wonderful artists. Filled to the brim with great gifts for life’s celebrations. Designed to be a destination where creativity finds a home. Throw kindness like confetti, and be the reason someone smiles, today! 

The Foundation: 

Hi I’m Allison, a colorful creative, a mother, a wife, a sea-foodie and a curious adventurer. Everyday I endeavor to challenge my comfort zone through art and expression. And, everyday I strive to be the reason someone feels seen, heard and supported.

At the beginning of the pandemic, my e-commerce organization Orchid Noir, was flatlining at a time when it should have been booming. I could no longer survive offering simply whatever I wanted to, when it was clear the public needed something more, and something different. I knew it was time to pivot. As a public servant, it was my opportunity to build a bridge, so Pop of Confetti was born.

During quarantine, I dreamt of the joyful moments that connect us and the crafted gifts of gratitude we would share.  As a new mom, short on time, I re-imagined statement accessories to make getting dressed fun again. Sweat pants fatigue is real! 

Pop of Confetti is fun and cheerfully crafted artisanal pieces and fair trade curated accessories filled with color and creativity.  Designed to remind us to find, the little joys, which give us, the greatest pleasure.  This collection is sure to bring some fun and confetti into your life! 

I believe that everyone is gifted with a unique purpose. Everyday that you make time for your gift, you create space for the world to embrace it. This is why The Confetti Market Collective is so special. These female creatives are taking action and spreading joy through their craft.

The future belongs to the action takers, who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Let’s let 2022 be a manifestation of, where our dreams and, vision will take us. This is the magic that is Pop of Confetti.

When you buy Pop of Confetti you are embracing the best life has to offer (insert rainbow here). The collection is a celebration, of life's endless possibility, expressed in colorful, whimsical, and artisan, gifts. 

Let's celebrate!

Proudly Based In Virginia, USA

Pop of Confetti

3422 W Cary Street

Richmond VA 23221

(804) 294- 0050

(between Burger Bach and McDonalds) 
Email: Hello@popofconfetti.com

Store Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm
Closed Sunday and Monday