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Felt Window

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Description : Felt Windows are merino wool, silk fibers, and other roving or furs that have been felted into flat discs. The wet felting process is a slow and repetitive massaging with warm soapy water than joins the loose fibers together into a strong fabric. Each piece is unique because of the combination of colors, but also because the process itself is unpredictable. No two windows will ever be alike. The back of each piece has a wire used to hang flat against a wall. About Felt Windows: These windows look into dreamy abstracted landscapes or other worlds The bright colors are cheerful, encouraging viewers to optimistically imagine new places. Even fully felted fabric has woolen textures that soften lines and add dimension. This enhances the imagined locations of each window by giving them depth and fooling our eyes into seeing mountains, fields, waters, and horizons. Care: Dyed wool will eventually fade in direct sunlight. Keep dry and do not hang in a sunbeam for longevity. A gentle lint roller can be used to remove dust or hairs if needed.

Item Number : 28-5

Category : TCM - Decor

Brand : Moonhanded Studio

Common Questions

Will the post irritate my skin?

All is jewelry created to the highest standard, free of lead and nickel.

Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

What is your jewelry made of?

Our pieces are hand-crafted using a variety of high quality materials, including 14K solid gold, 18K gold plated sterling silver, 925 sterling silver, semi-precious stone, glass, resin, and brass. Exact materials associated with each style are listed on their product detail pages.

How should I care for my pieces?

To keep your styles at their best, please give them occasional breaks and store neatly when not in use. Avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics when wearing fashion jewelry; this includes lotion, sunscreen, and perfume. Jewelry that is not solid gold or gold filled should never be worn in the shower, pool or ocean. Pack your pieces carefully for travel; we recommend always storing them in your carry-on luggage. Please visit the product page for each item for more detailed care instructions.

What do I need to know before ordering a personalized piece?

All custom and personalized pieces are made-to-order and final sale. Custom orders cannot be cancelled or altered after they are submitted. Additionally, custom items cannot be returned. You will be charged at the time the order is placed. Production times vary from 1-4 weeks; you can find an item's production time on its product page. Products are created at our discretion and we will not produce any jewelry containing profanity. If you have questions about your custom piece, please email Hello@popofconfetti.com

  • I'm so happy with my purchase!

    Jaina D.

  • The best thing ever!

    Nothing compares in fun and quality. My earrings are so well made, and my ring is my absolute fave! I can't wait to add more special pieces to my collection.

    Veronica M.

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